City of Chignik

Chignik Small Boat Harbor - August 2015.

The Chignik Small Boat Harbor was completed in 2012.  

Port Facilities

A small boat harbor and dock complex has been in the works for over twenty years.  Finally in 2012, the Chignik small boat harbor was ready for use.  The harbor is 12 - 17 feet deep at low tide and can accommodate over 40 vessels.  But with the harbor at full capacity, designs are being drawn up to finish the inner components of the harbor, including at least 20 more slips, an 87' x 84' seine float, a sheet pile bulkhead dock and a 40 ton boat lift.  For questions about mooring space, call the City Office at the phone number below from September - May or call the Harbormaster's Office from June - August at 907-749-2284.

The Chignik City Dock is near completion. Dredge spoils from the harbor were being put to use at the soon completed dock. Also at the dock complex is the city's power plant and fuel farm.