City of Chignik

Dam from below

Dam at Indian Lake  Reservoir from above

The City's water supply comes from Indian Lake Reservoir, from which water is piped down to a water treatment center where it is chlorinated and filtered with green sand, then piped to the water tank for distribution.   Water coming into homes is not metered -- it costs residents a flat fee of $37.50 per month for water service while in town and a minimum fee of $26.50 while out of town.  

Most residents are also on the force main sewer system, which completed upgrades in 2008.  Sewer service costs the same as water service.   

The water & sewer utility participates in the Rural Utilities Business Advisor (RUBA) program.  This program offers technical, managerial and financial training to utilities across the state.  They serve an advisory role to the city, assisting in all matters related to the functions of the municipality.

Water & Sewer